Sneak Peek at the Upcoming, 2018 Honda Accord


Here at Parker Johnstone's Wilsonville Honda, we haven't received the newest edition of our favorite Honda sedan yet. But, that doesn't make us any less excited about the upcoming 2018 Honda Accord.

The 2018 version of this mid-sized sedan has a lot in common with previous models, and a lot of promising updates as well. In fact, the 2018 Honda Accord will still be a four-door, five-passenger sedan that offers ample trunk space and plenty of comfortable legroom.

But, Honda has made some changes to the 2018 Honda Accord that they have already made public. At Parker Johnstone's Wilsonville Honda, here are a few of the updates we've learned about that we think our Oregon customers will really appreciate:

  • Updated interior and exterior design. The upcoming, 2018 Honda Accord has been redesigned inside with upgraded materials, rivaling sedans from those more-expensive luxury brands. Plus, the exterior of the coming 2018 Honda Accord also looks a little different than previous model years, lending it an air of greater sophistication and refinement.
  • New technology. Honda is calling the upcoming, 2018 Honda Accord the smartest version of the model ever. That's because they've equipped the coming model with intuitive, premium, features that are both innovative and state-of-the-art.
  • Engine options. The coming 2018 Honda Accord will give Wilsonville and Portland drivers a choice between three great engines, including a new 1.5-liter turbocharged and a new 2.0-liter turbocharged.

Excited to learn more about the upcoming, 2018 Honda Accord? So are we. Stay tuned for more information on this model, which will be coming soon to Parker Johnstone's Wilsolnville Honda on Southwest Parkway Avenue.

We're looking forward to introducing you to the latest version of our favorite sedan when it arrives at the dealership. Check in with our sales team for the most up-to-date information about when we can expect to see this update, 2018 Honda Accord, in person.

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