Have You Ever Wondered What Brake Fluid Actually Is?

When you press on the brake pedal at a red light, you're probably not thinking too hard about what's causing your car to stop. One of the most important components of your braking system is the brake fluid, sometimes referred to as hydraulic fluid. Let's explore exactly what this fluid is and why it's important.

Hydraulic fluid is a temperature-and-pressure-resistant, non-compressible substance that's found inside your brake lines. Immediately upon pressing the brake pedal, the brake fluid drives pressure to the rotors, which are found by each tire, then the rotors push on the brake pads. This causes your car to slow down. If your car had no brake fluid or if the fluid was going bad, your vehicle would struggle to stop.

Because brake fluid is so important to safe driving, you should consider stopping by our showroom at Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda and having the professionals at the service center look at your car to determine if it's time for brake fluid replacement for your automobile.

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