Is It Time to Upgrade Your Motor Oil?

"Is it time to switch from conventional to synthetic oil?" you've maybe asked yourself. Many vehicle owners appreciated the cost-efficiency of conventional oils. That's why they've preferred to use them. But it's also important to know when you need to switch to synthetic oil. To better understand this, let's get to know the difference between these two oils.

Synthetic oil is developed completely in a lab and is man-made. Conventional oil, on the other hand, is made with mostly natural oil. Synthetic is actually the better lubricant, even though conventional oil is less expensive. That's why conventional oil works well for newer vehicles. Since they are newer, they are fine with less lubrication. As a vehicle puts on more miles, a vehicle is better with a higher level of lubrication. If your vehicle is more than 75,000 miles, consider switching to synthetic. Otherwise, you might be fine with conventional oil.

If you are interested in learning more about if you should be using synthetic or conventional oil, drop by Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda, and we'll be happy to have a chat with you about your vehicle.

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