Common Motor Oil Myths

Most people are aware that routine oil changes are just a necessary maintenance task that should be done periodically in order to keep your vehicle running efficiently over time. Unfortunately, there are some common motor oil myths that always seem to be circulating about, and this misinformation can cause some people to make a bad decision when it comes to their vehicle. Some of these myths include:

– MYTH #1 – Not changing your oil regularly will help break your engine in and help extend its life span. A routine oil change should be done periodically about once every six months or longer, depending on the oil that is used and how often you drive the vehicle. You don’t want to put it off more than twelve months though.

– MYTH #2 – Synthetic oil isn’t as good of quality as conventional. There are pros and cons to both and depending on your vehicle, one might be better than the other.
Of course, if you’re interested in learning the facts about motor oil, you are welcome to swing by Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda to chat with a representative from our service facility.

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