How to Prevent Rodent Damage to Your Vehicle

February 28th, 2019 by

While motorists take measures to protect their vehicles from a whole range of troubles, rodent damage isn’t always the first threat to a vehicle that springs to mind, leaving most vehicles unprotected. Perhaps you suspect rodents have gained access to your engine or you might even have indisputable proof. There are measures you can take to dissuade furry creatures from attacking your car’s exposed parts.

Any hole in your car will allow rodents access to the interior, so seek these out and cover them with mesh wire or a ball of steel wool. Exposed wires can be wrapped with duct tape that is embedded with capsaicin, the chemical in chilies that makes them hot.

If you’ve noticed rodents nibbling on your vehicle’s components and need to have the damage repaired, visit us at Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda in Wilsonville, OR. Our mechanics are adept at replacing damaged wiring and engine components, and your repairs may even be covered if you have comprehensive insurance.

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