How to Test Your Car Battery

If you can test your car battery at home, you can determine the extent of the problem fast and get the needed replacement parts so you can get back to your day. Here is how you test a car battery:

– The car engine and lights have to be off in order for the test to be accurate.
– The battery terminals need to be clean with a wire brush to confirm a solid connection.
– The voltmeter red cable is positive, and it connects to the positive side of the car battery.
– The voltmeter black cable is negative, and it connects to the negative side of the car battery.
– The voltmeter reading under 12.2 means the car battery can no longer hold a charge on its own or provide enough power to crank the engine over.

If the battery is about to fail, visit our Honda parts facility in Wilsonville, OR so we can confirm your suspicions and replace the battery for you.

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