What Does MPG Stand For?

Pumping Gas
If you’re like most drivers around Portland, you’re probably looking for ways to maximize fuel economy. Honda vehicles — new or used — are renowned for delivering impressive fuel economy ratings. Whether you’re learning toward a new Honda Accord, CR-V, or Passport, or a high-quality used Honda model, you’re in for a fuel-efficient drive. Below, you’ll get answers to questions like, what is a good mpg rating,” so you can choose your next vehicle in confidence. 

What is MPG in Cars?

What does mpg stand for? Miles per gallon (mpg) is the number of miles that a vehicle can travel on one gallon of fuel. If a car has a high city/highway mpg rating, it has better fuel economy than a car with lower ratings. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in charge of certifying MPG ratings for the vehicles we drive. To measure fuel consumption, the EPA completes a series of tests on different driving courses that simulate driving conditions like bumper-to-bumper traffic or inclement weather. They average the scores and assign ratings for city mpg, highway mpg, and combined mpg. 


  • What is MPG City? The average mpg ratings for urban driving conditions.
  • What is MPG Highway? The average mpg ratings for driving on highways or open stretches of road. 
  • What is Combined MPG? The combined average of city and highway mpg ratings.

How to Improve My Car’s Fuel Efficiency 

Parker Johnstone's Wilsonville Honda is your dependable source for fuel-friendly Honda vehicles in Wilsonville. Even if you drive a fuel-efficient car, though, there are always extra steps you can take to reduce fuel consumption. Here are some suggestions we have for Sherwood drivers who want to maximize the fuel economy of their vehicles as much as possible: 


  • Set your driving mode to ECO or ECON to further optimize your car’s fuel usage. 
  • Use cruise control to maintain a steady speed as you travel OR highways.
  • Use only recommended fuel. 
  • Keep up with routine oil changes, spark plug replacements, etc. 
  • Plan longer trips ahead of time, so you don’t waste gas looking for the correct routes. 

Test Drive a New or Pre-Owned Honda at Parker Johnstone's Wilsonville Honda!

So, what is a good MPG rating? For a Honda car, simply take your pick! The Honda lineup is comprised of some of the most economical gas and electrified vehicles on the market. Contact us online or call us at (503) 925-3116 to test drive one of our new or pre-owned cars in Wilsonville.