What a Car Alternator Does

September 24th, 2018 by

Your alternator has a big job. When your alternator is working well, your battery is charged, and your electronics work correctly. With a failing alternator, your lights may be dim, and the power to run your vehicle may be low. If you ignore the problem, you can be left without power all of a sudden.

A car’s battery and alternator are closely connected. Sometimes your battery will die because it needs to be replaced. Other times your battery will be fine but can die because the alternator isn’t working. Look for an ALT or GEN light on your dashboard to see if your alternator warning light is on.

To avoid the hassle of having your car die on the road, bring your car in to Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda when you notice signs of trouble. If your lights are dim or your vehicle isn’t as powerful as normal, you may need to have a new alternator installed.

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