Why a Vehicle History Report is Important

Buying a vehicle is a big transaction whether it’s a new car or a used car, and we want you to be an informed driver who has all the facts prior to making the purchase. When you buy a used car, you can expect to see a vehicle history report. The vehicle history report can provide you with a lot of valuable information if you know how to read it and what it means. Come to Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda and let us help you along.

A vehicle history report tells you everything you want to know about a used car, including previous owners, title and accident history, make and model number, odometer reading, standard equipment, and safety features and retail value. I can pay to get a vehicle history report or get one free when you buy a used vehicle.

If your car is in need of service due to a recall, or if you just want to check out different vehicles, pay us a visit in Wilsonville, OR.

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