Why Having a Roadside Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle is Important

Having a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle will enable you to make repairs or get the vehicle safely off the road until help arrives. Road flares can be helpful in alerting other motorists you might be stuck off the side of the roadway making repairs to your vehicle.

Jumper cables will allow just about any motorist to pull over and help you jump-start your vehicle. A flashlight with plenty of spare batteries means you can work in the dark to get your vehicle repaired or to help flag help.

A gallon of engine coolant and quarts of car motor oil will allow you to replenish fluids in the vehicle if they run low. A few cans of tire fix-a-flat can get your flat tire up just high enough so you can move the vehicle.

Don’t forget to bring your vehicle to Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda so we can give it a complete inspection.

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