Why Use a Clay Bar When Detailing?

Informed car owners detail their cars to maximize value. That is why we here at Parker Johnstone's Wilsonville Honda want to be sure you recognize the importance of using a clay bar to detail the exterior of your car.

The main purpose of using a clay bar is to remove the grime, debris and other contaminants from the finish of your car. If too many of these contaminants remain in the finish of your car, it can quickly erode away the finish and paint which will greatly decrease the value of your vehicle if you should ever choose to…

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Which Tire is Better, Summer or All-Season?

Being as informed as possible about your car helps you to make better decisions when the time comes to replace your tires. It can also help to save you money in the long run.

Despite the name, all-season tires can underperform in certain weather conditions. There are times when summer tires are actually the better choice. During warm weather, summer tires can provide superior handling in rainy conditions. They also outperform other tires on scorching pavement. 

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Roadtrip Games That Will Entertain the Kids for Miles

Keeping the kids busy without them needing mobile devices is easy with these simply roadtrip games. With the License Plate Game, the kids have to identify different states based on the license plates of cars passing you by on the road. The first child to yell out the state gets to mark it down, and either the first to 50 states or the most states at a certain time is the winner.

The I’m Going on a Picnic game is more of a mental challenge because you have to memorize a growing string of picnic items. One player calls…

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Tips for Taking a Roadtrip on a Budget

Not every road trip you take has to break the bank, so to speak. Here are a few ways you can cut down on costs and still have a memorable time on the road.

Instead of stopping at every restaurant on the way when the passengers get hungry, purchase a cheap cooler and fill it with a variety of cold cuts and condiments. When everyone gets hungry, stop at a park or rest area, and make a picnic out of the time. Everyone gets to stretch their legs and it won't cost you anything more. 

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Why Having a Roadside Emergency Kit in Your Vehicle is Important

Having a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle will enable you to make repairs or get the vehicle safely off the road until help arrives. Road flares can be helpful in alerting other motorists you might be stuck off the side of the roadway making repairs to your vehicle.

Jumper cables will allow just about any motorist to pull over and help you jump-start your vehicle. A flashlight with plenty of spare batteries means you can work in the dark to get your vehicle repaired or to help flag help.

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What to Spot When your Brake Pedal Needs Repairing

The brake pedal is one of the most important functioning parts of your vehicle. It should perform reliably to ensure that drivers are able to brake in emergency situations. When that ability is limited, the car and the driver may be in danger. However, prevention can be easy when you know what to watch out for.

One of the biggest warning signs to spot for a damage brake pedal is bad wheel cylinder performance. When corrosion within the wheel cylinder occurs, brake fluid may leak, which can result in performance issues on the road. A worn master cylinder may also…

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Service Your Honda Vehicle at Parker Johnston’s Wilsonville Honda for a Summer of Safe and Reliable Driving

With summer driving fast approaching and warmer temperatures close behind, now is the time to make sure your Honda vehicle is ready for summer with a check-up at Parker Johnston’s Wilsonville Honda’s service center. Visit our state-of-the-art Honda service facility in Wilsonville to experience the quality of the repairs and maintenance that our certified technicians perform, and have your vehicle inspected inside and out by the experts in all things Honda. 

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Discover Our New Honda Leasing Rates at Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda

Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda is proud to offer the widest selection of new Honda models for sale in Wilsonville, OR. We make it easy for drivers from Wilsonville and beyond to find the new Honda sedan, coupe, and SUV models that they’re sure to love driving for work or play. We pride ourselves on helping our customers take advantage of the incredible deals that we have to offer on new Honda models, that’s why we offer competitive leasing rates that help you drive an exciting new Honda vehicle of your own for a low, fixed monthly cost…

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Preparing a Roadside Emergency Kit

When you are out driving, it's possible that you may be involved in some type of roadside emergency. This might be caused by a dead battery, a flat tire or inclement weather. You want to be prepared for these situations.

One way to be prepared is to have a roadside emergency kit for your vehicle. Some of the items that you will want in this kit are jumper cables, tire changing tools, and emergency road flairs. It is also a good idea to have a first aid kit on hand. If there are any minor injuries, this will come…

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What is a powertrain warranty versus a bumper-to-bumper warranty?

We here at Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda value our relationships with our valued customers and thus, we want to be sure that they are fully informed car buyers. You often hear about powertrain warranties or bumper to bumper warranties, but this is seldom explained to the customer before making a purchase. The main difference between these two warranties is what they cover.

A powertrain warranty covers exclusively the powertrain of the vehicle and nothing else. A bumper to bumper warranty is usually more expensive than a powertrain warranty but is somewhat all inclusive in what...


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