Used Cars Are a Test of Responsibility

So, your teen has just gotten their license, and they are proud, and you are proud, and now they are "driving" (pun intended) you crazy about getting a car. "Mom, can I get a car." "Dad, can I get a car."

Ah, memories. We have all been like that before. So, because we know how it is to be that age and want a car, there really is no better car to give your teen for their first car than a used car from Parker Johnstone's Wilsonville Honda.

Used cars are not second-rate cars -- they are a first-rate test at seeing how your teen will treat their car. It is a test that will help them to be much more reliable and responsible in life.

Why spend so much on a new car only to have your teen treat it like a toy? A used car costs less, is just as reliable, and will greatly teach them responsibility.
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