How to Clean Pet Hair Out of Your Car

When you love to take your dog to the park, you can be left with a mess of dog hair inside your vehicle. While you can try putting down blankets or seat covers, there will be times that pet hair gets into your car. A good cleaning can get rid of the pet hair and make your interior clean again.

Try using a balloon to build up static and attract the hair. This can loosen up hair that is stuck in your upholstery. Use a vacuum attachment that is rubber so that static helps loosen the hair as well. A spray made from a few teaspoons of fabric softener and water can also make hair easier to clean up.

If you are tired of dog hair inside your vehicle, it’s time to get serious about cleaning. Water, wipes and a good vacuum can help make the inside of your car look new again. And don’t forget to check the oil before taking your dog for a ride—you don’t want to get stranded. You can even check out the Honda CR-V maintenance schedule or how often to change synthetic oil.

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